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Pursue Your Passion But Gain Business Knowledge, Too

April 9, 2013 By Jordan Richardson Jordan_Richardson

UNC Business Essentials is probably the best option for someone who is not a business major or minor. As an undergraduate, there are countless opportunities available at your fingertips, and at times it’s overwhelming to weigh what you should do against what you want to do. Maybe you know that you need business knowledge, but your passion is in American history or music or geology. This is where UNC Business Essentials excels. This program allows you to pursue the major you’re passionate about while still obtaining the business knowledge that is all but required to succeed in today’s job market. As a Communication Studies and Psychology double major, I had no idea how a business worked. My freshman year I Read More

Gain an Advantage Over Others

April 2, 2013 By Kevin Elmore Kevin_Elmore

The Kenan-Flagler Business Essentials program is a unique opportunity to acquire invaluable knowledge about the business world and simultaneously build one’s resume.  The UNC Business Essentials (UBE) program is a comprehensive online course that allows one to take six different modules on varying aspects of the professional world while moving at a pace best suited to the individual.  The benefits of such a program for a young college student are numerous.  The job market is an ever changing dynamic, and a concrete understanding of business principles is a necessity to warrant real value to future employers.  The UBE program gives students, who previously had little to no business knowledge, the chance to foster business knowledge and skills which can directly Read More

Staying Ahead of the Competition

March 26, 2013 By Akilah Ffriend Akilah Ffriend

As a Public Health, Health Policy and Management major, I knew that knowledge in business would be relevant in whatever career field I choose to undertake. UNC Business Essentials is a program that allows you to go at your own pace while having the end goal in mind: attaining a business certificate from a nationally renowned business school and being able to compete with other qualified students. Under the UBE program, I took courses on business writing and communication, economics, and management, among others. Because everything is online, I set my own schedule as well as my own pace, which was very important with such a busy summer. Just because it is online, however, doesn’t mean I was left to Read More

Business Essentials Sets You Above the Rest

March 19, 2013 By Charlotte Brown Charlotte_Brown

I decided to take the UNC Business Essentials program this summer because I knew that it would improve my knowledge about the business world, while also looking great on my resume.  As an environmental science major, I often feel that I do not receive much information about business and economics unless it is to teach me about how much a company is polluting during their production process, or how profit driven marketing is causing an overconsumption crisis.  My ultimate goal for my career is to be able to bring both of these disciplines together in my own sustainability consulting firm, but in order to do that I needed to acquire some quality business knowledge. UNC Business Essentials was the perfect Read More

Business Essentials – The Key to Opening Doors

March 12, 2013 By Allison Bonner Allison_Bonner

For a long time I was adamant about wanting “nothing to do with the business world”. I thought I could escape from ever having to deal with anything business related. Well, that was fairly naïve of me. Luckily I’m graduating with two degrees from an incredibly prestigious school, but then again, so are a lot of other students. I needed something that could set me apart from the competition when recruiters were looking at my resume and deciding whether or not to interview me. I came across the UNC Business Essentials Certificate program in an email I received, and decided it was worth looking in to. And was I ever right. This program taught me about everything from business finance Read More

Business Essentials Matters to Employers

March 5, 2013 By Hannah Werner Hannah_Werner

I initially chose to get involved with Business Essentials because I thought it would look great on my resume, but I soon found out how much more value the program has to offer.  As a result of completing the certificate program, I have the skill set to expand my career options. With a thorough understanding of financial accounting, economics and finance, marketing, business operations and business communications, I’ve made myself more marketable for employment. This is tremendously valuable in today’s competitive job economy. Completing the Business Essentials program in association with the Kenan-Flagler signals your self-drive and commitment to academic excellence –  attributes highly valued by employers. I know this from experience. During an interview at a congressional office this Read More

Truly Essential Skills

February 26, 2013 By Lindsay Miller Lindsay_Miller

I am terrible with numbers.  What possible other reason could there be for the decision I made to take 20 hours per week of class this summer while working another 35 hours?  But, in all seriousness, I am a bleeding-heart liberal arts major who always figured I could save the world without ever managing a budget.  My assumption was extraordinarily incorrect.  I have been faced with the challenge of setting and sticking to a budget several times, and each time I have found the task incredibly daunting. Enter UNC Business Essentials. Business Essentials offered me education in a skill set that I never would have chosen to study as part of my four year plan to see the world, learn Read More

Beef Up Your Resume

February 19, 2013 By Maggie Conner Maggie_Conner

The thought of graduating college and having to become part of the real world is terrifying for most students. On top of the worries about navigating life on our own, my generation is faced with another stressor—how are we going to get a job? We are constantly bombarded with horror stories of college graduates who were forced to move back in with their parents and work at fast food restaurants just to make ends meet. I always thought a college degree was a “golden ticket” of sorts that guaranteed a well-paid job and an independent lifestyle upon graduation. But in this economy, and with so many people attending college, a bachelor’s degree isn’t as powerful as it once was. I Read More

Business Essentials Helps You Interpret the Word in a New Way

February 12, 2013 By Madeleine Kainz Madeleine_Kainz

UNC Business Essentials can be described in many ways on paper, but for me it is more than a new line on my resume, it has changed the way I learn and interact in the business world. UBE has given me a new sense of confidence in my everyday interactions. I now feel comfortable discussing marketing strategy and balance sheets in detail, something I would have struggled through before UBE. The course is structured to give students the ability to learn and practice. After studying the vocabulary and concepts, the student is given the chance to write about them in the context of a real world situation. I really loved this because it forced me to take my interpretation to Read More

Complement the Major of Your Choice

February 5, 2013 By Caroline Conner Caroline_Conner

I will always remember the night my freshman roommate came home after taking her first ECON 101 exam. The week before the test, it seemed as though a highlighter and textbook were glued to her arms and she spent her nights gulping coffee down while she made notecards. She had entered “Business Administration” as her perspective major at CTOPS earlier that summer, and she was dead-set on going through with the major—no matter how challenging she found the classes. She came home from her test devastated and disappointed. She braced for the worst as she checked her exam score online. She opened her squinted eyes just enough to see the “F.” We spent the rest of the night eating ice Read More