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I found that learning online as opposed to in a business school classroom had two distinct advantages. For one, I could customize the UNC Business Essentials program based on my own needs and interests. In a classroom, you learn the course material at the pace that your professor has preset. The pace is strategically set, but does not take into account that each student starts with varying degrees of knowledge on each topic.  With the certificate program, on the other hand, I was free to customize the course based on my own needs and interests. For instance, I was free to breeze through topics that I was already familiar with, such as economics, and take longer on others that were Read More

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

One thing that I took away from UBE is that unless you try new things, you will never know what you don’t know. Let me explain. Throughout each module of the certificate courses, I consistently discovered new aspects of the business realm that I did not even know existed. It’s one thing to know that you lack knowledge on a certain subject matter, say, quantum astrophysics, and another to not even know that there is a knowledge gap to be filled. For instance, although I was familiar with the economics content in the Economics and Finance module, I knew nothing about the Six Sigma process, the bullwhip effect, GAAP, or the 5 bases for segmentation in the other modules. In Read More

Business Is an Art and a Science

Just like any other suburban resident, I interact with businesses on a daily basis—I order my lunch from Alpine Bagel, I go to the Apple Store to figure out what’s wrong with my laptop, I do an unhealthy amount of shopping online, and I even work for one. With so much prior “exposure” to business, I figured I wouldn’t be too surprised by a formal education in the field. I was wrong. Throughout the UNC Business Essentials Program, I learned that there are so many more dimensions to the realm of business than the ones I step into everyday as a suburban resident. Even more, at the time I was taking the UBE courses I was simultaneously working as a Read More