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On the Road with UBE

May 1, 2012 By Lauren Salvia

I gained an incredible amount of knowledge about the essentials of business – such as accounting and operations – over the course of just a few months, thanks to UBE’s certificate program. However, my favorite aspect of the program is undoubtedly its flexibility.

This past summer was a very busy one for me; I was not only completing the program, but also working a 9-hours-a-day internship and traveling with my family. For these reasons, I was more than a little nervous that I would not be able to find enough time to devote to studying and moving through the modules. UBE is designed to ensure success, though, and the ability to download the program to my computer and work through units even when an internet connection was unavailable was a lifesaver. During a twelve-hour car ride to New York, for instance, I was able to sit in the back and work on the unit concerning business communication, and the program automatically synced my accumulated quiz and activity results when I could again access the Internet. UBE works with you; you can work at whatever pace is necessary to guarantee you do well and absorb as much information as possible.