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The Extra Edge

April 17, 2012 By Ariel Price

Many students with a focus of study in the humanities may be worried about finding a job after graduation. After completing the UBE program, my mind rests easier about this concern. I’m planning on attending graduate school in the fall to obtain my degree in speech language pathology.

Although my future career is health care based, if you want to move up to a supervisory or managerial position you must have business knowledge. My business certificate from UBE definitely serves as an excellent base source of business knowledge. I will be able to have a more successful career and not be afraid to venture into the business side of health care. I’m excited to be able to put my newly acquired business knowledge to use, all thanks to the UBE program.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is concerned about not having an extra edge on resume to take part in this program. Not only is it an impressive educational feat, it also gives you applicable knowledge to every career-seeking graduate.