UNC Business Essentials Blog

Surprise Factor

December 13, 2011 By Kelsey Rozier

The aspect of UNC Business Essentials that surprised me the most was the Business Communication module.   I honestly had expected the program to focus on academic skill sets that would benefit me in my career, however I was pleasantly surprised to note that this module provided me with skills that are vital to any career when entering the job market. 

This module taught me how to master communication through a variety of mediums such as email and conference calls.  One feature of the program that I wish I could change was the fact that GoCourse Player does not work with Macs. While I had known that the program for completing UNC Business Essentials was not compatible with Macs, it proved to be more difficult than I expected. A couple of times I found myself without Internet and could not complete any work due to this problem.  While not prohibitive to participation and completion in the program, I wish it had been a resource available to me.