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In Retrospect…

November 29, 2011 By Lauren Stewart

I began the UBE coursework with very limited knowledge of what business was all about. I was not sure exactly what to expect, or how well I would be able to relate to what I would learn. After the completion of the program, I felt that I had acquired a basic yet broad understanding of the major components of business.

I realized in retrospect that I had started with an understanding of business primarily from a managerial perspective, and UBE allowed me to see business from all sides. There were several things that surprised me about the program. I was surprised and glad that the program caters to every type of learner by incorporating audio files, pdf documents, powerpoints, bullet pointed and paragraph style information, pictures, links to videos and websites, and more. I appreciated that my learning styles was varied from module to module in this way.

Another thing that surprised me was how hard the financial accounting and economics sections were for me! I didn’t realize that these topics would be so challenging for me, but luckily the material was thorough.One thing I wish I’d done was do more thorough note-taking while completing the modules, because I waited until the end to do all of the final exams, and I had forgotten some of the information by then.