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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Standing out in today’s competitive job market

When I came to Carolina, I was undecided about my major.  I had been very active in business activities in high school, but I was not sure I wanted a degree in business.  After I had chosen a major, I still felt that I needed business knowledge, but it was too late to pursue a double major or minor in business.  That’s when I heard about UNC Business Essentials offered through UNC Kenan-Flagler.  Business Essentials is a certification program giving participants a basic overview of business principles needed in today’s evolving world.  By participating in Business Essentials, I could still pursue a degree in Religious Studies while still obtaining vital business skills at my own pace. By serving as a Read More

Piquing employer interest with real-world skills

My experience working for UNC Business Essentials has given me both the opportunity to build my knowledge of the business world and expose myself to events on campus. As a junior, I am actively in search of a summer internship while also exploring possible career options. Like many other Economics majors, I often find myself competing with BSBA students for finance & banking positions. While many of the potential employers with whom I’ve interviewed have enjoyed hearing about my economics courses, they’ve been extremely keen on discovering more about my participation in UBE. What really sparked their interest, in fact, were the financial accounting and Excel modules that the program offers.  In businesses of any sort, keeping proper records and Read More

Access to alumni and tutors a plus for program

My name is Nathan, and I am a senior Political Science major at UNC, graduating in May.  I started the UNC Business Essentials Program this Spring, and I’m already experiencing some great benefits. I wanted to do the Business Essentials program because I thought it would be an excellent way to get some practical business skills to complement my undergraduate degree.  I want to start my own food business some day, so learning about accounting, finance, and marketing are essential to my success. Business Essentials has already taught me so much more about business than I could have imagined learning in such a short time.  The software is easy to use and the schedule is great because it allows me Read More

Building business literacy

Last month, my brother was ecstatic to learn he got into UNC Kenan Flagler Business School. However, for someone like me, who fits in very well with the College of Arts and Sciences, applying to the Bschool didn’t seem to make much sense. But even though I didn’t want to major in business, I found myself lacking relevant skills and knowledge that I felt were necessary in today’s world. This is why the UNC Business Essentials program is such a perfect fit for me. I’m building my resume, but more importantly, I’m building a foundation of solid business and financial practices. Out of the six module program, I’ve only completed about 2.5 of them, yet still my business literacy is Read More