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My STAR Experience

I’m currently leading a STAR project. STAR (Student Teams Achieving Results) is a Kenan-Flagler program that sends student teams on consulting projects for corporations and not-for-profits seeking to strengthen their global competitiveness. My team is developing feasibility study for a local entrepreneur. He had a couple of ideas he was kicking around and wanted to figure out if either was worth the investment of his time. One was the manufacturing of a standard set of products using gypsum, a byproduct of coal firing in power plants. This went nowhere; as our team quickly learned, gypsum manufacturing is an established and capital-intensive industry; definitely not the place for a startup. The other potential idea was biomass pelletization. North Carolina has significant Read More

Exploring NC

I enjoy a good road trip.  And, while I’m conflicted about the recent decline in gas prices, $1.70/gallon gasoline certainly makes exploring your backyard a little easier.  Over the past six months, my first as a resident in the great state of North Carolina, I’ve had the opportunity to visit many charming locations throughout the state. Asheville Just having returned from a 2-day trip to Asheville I can confidently say that this is one of the coolest towns I’ve ever been to.  It has an amazing arts district supported by a huge amount of local talent, a buzzing local music scene, and a wide choice of bars, restaurants, and cool shops.  It also has the Biltmore estate, the largest home Read More

Macs at KFBS

This year before actually arriving on campus I spent a lot of time reading the prospective student message boards.  One of the big topics of discussion was always choice of computer: many prospective students wanted to get a Mac but were unsure whether it was going to “work” at Kenan-Flagler.  This post is for those incoming students in the class of 2011 that would really like to get a Mac but are worried about about compatibility. I bought a Macbook Pro and have never looked back.  This post isn’t about why I prefer a Mac.  While I (like so many other snotty Mac users) could talk your ear off about that, I’m trying to be a little more constructive here. Read More

Net Impact 2008 Micro-post

There are about 40 KFBS students attending the 2008 Net Impact North America conference in Philadelphia this year.  Three of us–myself, Napoleon Wallace, and Liz Paxton–are the official conference bloggers.  We are posting information and thoughts throughout the weekend.  Check it out! Tristan


One of my favorite things about Kenan-Flagler is the abundance of opportunities.  I feel like all I have to do sometimes is open my mouth and tilt my head just a little bit and an opportunity will land right on my tongue.  It’s rare for a day to go by without some interesting opportunity falling in my lap.  Many of these are career-related, the type of opportunities that made me want to come back to school.  But many of them aren’t, and they’re every bit as valuable. Two weeks ago about 40 Kenan-Flagler students and students from 6 other top international business schools participated in an event called “GE Live”.  The event was a question and answer session with Jeff Read More