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Global Communications Class in the Real World

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the lessons we learn here at b-school having real-world applications. So far the class I’ve gotten the most mileage out of has been Managerial Accounting, but the recent news event regarding shoe-throwing made me see how important my Global Communications class has been, particularly given the personal experiences of our professor, Tim Flood. Professor Flood has done business in the Middle East and North Africa, and had an interesting story which I think is useful for all Tarheels who might do business in the Middle East… Tarheel cookies are seen as a nice gift with a cute local touch in a world where so much is ubiquitous. They’re foot-shaped sugar cookies with a dark Read More

An Epic Week

Well, it all began with our little KFBS Halloween shindig, which started out kinda slow but eventually got even crazier than last year’s party. Liz had the genius idea for us to go as Three’s Company, since we’re kinda like Jack, Janet and Chrissy anyway. Most of our classmates were too young to get it, but we had a blast anyway. However, I’m never wearing a blond wig again, it really got me into trouble! I was accosted by a whoopee cushion, among other things. Then on Tuesday night, there was partying on Franklin St. but for a different reason! There were parties all over town to watch the election results, which I’d started checking for at 11 AM. The Read More

Global Immersion Electives, or; my field trip to South Africa

How to compress two incredibly action-packed weeks in South Africa into one blog post??? So it starts with a big presentation about the various trips we can choose from, then we apply to the ones we want. At first it seems like an easy way to buy 3 credits (they’re not cheap) and enjoy a less touristy perspective of some exotic locale. But we really do work for those 3 credits after all. And it was sooo worth it! I was antsy through the pre-departure classes, eager to get there already and experience it. Mod 4 was pretty hardcore for me, so I wasn’t even thinking much about South Africa, being obsessed with passing Managerial Accounting. But once we got Read More


The more I learn about this most precious resource, the more worried I become. I grew up in California, so droughts are nothing new to me, nor is drinking recycled water, creepy though it is. I recently discovered, through one of my favorite blogs (below), that the State of Florida gave Nestle all the water they need from a spring. To bottle and sell as Deer Park. At the same time, Florida imports some of its drinking water from Georgia, the state hardest hit by the most recent drought. So why are they giving away such a scarce resource? We’d like to think the drought is over now that we’ve had a spot of rain, but unfortunately rainfall doesn’t increase Read More

Managerial Accounting

The name alone inspires yawns, right? But couple it with a professor who really knows how to keep us on our toes, and it’s actually pretty exciting. I was a little scared when an uber-smart 2nd year told me it was soooo hard. But he went on to explain it’s so hard because Professor Bylinski expects everyone to come to class prepared. Well, that’s easy enough, I like reading and trying to struggle through a set of problems. Especially when I don’t have to turn them in for a grade, and can work them out with my group. But for real, it’s amazing how relentless he is. I kinda enjoy it, for some sick reason. Perhaps it’s because I’m used Read More

Working On Teams

Posted by Susanna. Although my experience as a patternmaker was that of an integral member of a tight-knit team, with a big project due every season (seemed more like every minute!), there was a clear hierarchy that made it quite different than working on a team of equals. I was a bit apprehensive about teamwork before coming to business school, because my only experience had been a couple of projects in undergrad where there was the archetypal free rider. I asked all the schools I applied to how their study groups are built, and was wary of the ones which were self-selected. I was happy when Kenan-Flagler told me that the teams are engineered to have the optimal mix of backgrounds/abilities. Read More