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Moments of Fall in Chapel Hill

As I near the end of my second year at business school, I captured the moments of the fall season through the lens – see below! The colors of leaves seemed shimmering with tints of red, yellow and colors in between, and the roads laid with the bed of leaves forming a soft carpet cover. The somber sky with changing shades of blue and white cleared the dust with rain, and the growing cold seeped in through the skin. All of this would keep the memories of Chapel Hill alive. As I took a trip around the campus, the wet walls bearing the history of so many graduating classes made me feel nostalgic as we the MBA class of ‘09 Read More

Crossing Party Lines

I have a confession to make. I’m a huge Duke fan. Huge. It’s hard not to be having been an undergrad there. So you can imagine that I’ve had to make some adjustments now that I’m living at the other end of 15-501 (the road between Durham and Chapel Hill). And with that, I give you the FSBCF framework: Four Stages of Becoming a Carolina Fan. Stage 1 – The “No way, no how” stage: This is where any self-respecting Duke alum (or NC State alum, for that matter) convinces himself that under no circumstances will a Carolina victory be something to celebrate. Even if Duke wins the national championship and goes undefeated, the Stage 1 individual is disappointed with Read More

We Control Our Own Destiny!

For those of you looking for a cheesy motivational post about how MBA students can find the self-confidence to achieve despite a tanking economy and faltering job market, look elsewhere. This post is about something far more important:  college football. Miami beat Virginia Tech tonight, which gives Virginia Tech 3 ACC losses…which puts the Tar Heels in control of our own (football) destiny!  If we win our next 3 games – at Maryland, NC State, at Duke – then we’ll play for the ACC Championship in Tampa Bay later this year. Why does this matter?  2 reasons: We’re good again! Ten years ago, the Heels were emerging as a national power…and then our coach left for Texas.  The subsequent years Read More


Posted by Alex   The first thing that you will notice when you arrive in Chapel Hill is the omnipresence of the light blue color everywhere in town. This is not your basic blue, it is the UNC blue, it is more than just a baby blue color, it is the Tar Heel standard. Welcome to Tar Heel territory! North Carolina is known as the Tar Heel State but the Tar Heel moniker takes its full meaning in Chapel Hill. The inhabitants, the students and especially the UNC sports teams are the Tar Heels. As an International student, I did not grasp the full extent of what it means to be part of the Tar Heel community until I went to Read More