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Sustainable Enterprise Class

Clorox Bees, Cokewalla, and Tom’s of Colgate Posted By Liz Paxton Sustainable Enterprise is one of the custom core classes. Students must take 3 out of the 6 custom cores offered in Mods 3 and 4 of their first year. The class is very interesting and last class in particular got me thinking about the acquisitions of small, sustainable brands. When the question came up in class about large corporations that buy small, sustainable companies, I had a quick reaction, “I don’t like it.” However, just after I voiced my opinion I began to question myself to justify my emotional reaction with business arguments. What does this type of acquisition mean for the larger parent corporation? Why should customers interested Read More

Getting Settled in Chapel Hill

Posted by Liz Paxton. I came to business school after 5 years abroad in Morocco with the intention of making a home here for the next 2 years. I was also determined to live car free in Chapel Hill. When I thought about a blog about my experience these two original decisions came to the forefront, so I decided to share them. Finding the right apartment in Chapel Hill was somewhat of a quest. I first sublet a 2nd year’s apt at Baity Hill (the student housing behind the business school) while attending ASW classes in June and July. It was a good way to get acclimated to the area. I then found my permanent apartment by walking down Purefoy Read More