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San Francisco Trek

I’m part of the Real Estate club at UNC Kenan-Flagler, and one of the things that the club spearheads throughout the year are trips to various industry events around the country. There was a career trek to New York over the fall break between Mod I and Mod II and now there are 25 of us heading to San Francisco for the Urban Land Institute’s fall land expo. I’m pretty excited about this. It’s a four-day event, but the first day is really just meetings for the committee members. Wednesday through Friday are several lectures and workshops that we’ll be attending while staffing a booth to promote Kenan-Flagler’s real estate program. In addition to several academics and real estate professionals, Read More

A Day at the Farm

Saturday had some beautiful weather. It started off a bit cool, but by the time the sun had a chance to do its work, we felt quite comfortable in shorts and t-shirts…on the last day of October. Where I’m from (Michigan), October is usually frost in the morning and a good jacket most of the day, so this is definitely a change of pace. It’s got some positives and negatives though. It’s great to see the changing of the seasons and not have to be bundled up, but at the same time, when you’re accustomed to the cold, it feels like you’re missing a little something when the leaves are red/yellow/orange but you’re still in sandals. Missing something or not, Read More

Intensive Networking To Offset a Bad Job Market

Before coming to business school I was already aware of it and had tried to practice it. Now while I’m at school there are various events or times in between events specifically for it. Whenever I tell my wife about this she comments as though she has a bad taste in her mouth: “Oh, you’re doing that.” What is it? Networking. For me it has seemed like the necessary evil (emphasis on evil) of being in the business world. Some doctors have to stick their hands in unpleasant places, business people have to network. It’s our cross to bear. So, when the Career Management Center advertised a three hour session on Intensive Networking I thought about switching professions (surely doctors Read More