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PaGalGuy Q&A with MBA Admissions Director Sherry Wallace

PaGaLGuY.com, the largest MBA Web site in India, interviewed UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA Admissions Director Sherry Wallace. Below is an excerpt from that interview. What does your role entail and what are the measures of performance for your department? I am the director of admissions for the fulltime MBA programmes at Kenan-Flagler, UNC. I also have a colleague who manages financial aid and who reports to both the MBA programme office and to the university. At our institution, financial aid is guided by the main financial aid office of the university. My office is responsible for the incoming students, from their recruitment to our communication about the benefits of our MBA programme to the students and also for the selection of Read More

Celebrate the Diversity of Kenan-Flagler

Guest blog written by Daiki Shigihara (MBA 2013) You may be amazed when you see fellow classmates are spending their spring break in tens of different regions and countries. Some people are traveling in Europe or Asia, while others staying in the hometown far away from Chapel Hill. As for me, I am writing this at a place near a famous hot spring in Japan. I always want to know and share the background and experience with fellow students from different cultures. One of the International Business Association‘s missions is to enhance the culture and diversity learning in Kenan-Flagler, and the club has held a variety of cultural interaction events such as Latin Night where we danced, International Food Festival where we dined, Read More