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We Control Our Own Destiny!

For those of you looking for a cheesy motivational post about how MBA students can find the self-confidence to achieve despite a tanking economy and faltering job market, look elsewhere. This post is about something far more important:  college football. Miami beat Virginia Tech tonight, which gives Virginia Tech 3 ACC losses…which puts the Tar Heels in control of our own (football) destiny!  If we win our next 3 games – at Maryland, NC State, at Duke – then we’ll play for the ACC Championship in Tampa Bay later this year. Why does this matter?  2 reasons: We’re good again! Ten years ago, the Heels were emerging as a national power…and then our coach left for Texas.  The subsequent years Read More

Back In The Saddle

I just threw away my first year of business school – literally. After dropping by the MBA Helpdesk to have someone remind me of my locker combination, I recycled a 2 ft tall stack of papers, quizzes, exams, and such from last year that I inexplicably had kept in my locker.  Some of the highlights: – A Macroeconomics paper covering the Chilean economy entitled “The Red Hot Chile Paper”. – A surprising number of decent Mod I Accounting grades. – A not-so-good grade for my Private Equity final project from Mod IV.  (I blame my sub-par performance on the nice weather.) – An unopened 2 liter of Sprite from a basketball club lunch meeting. – An armful of locker spam Read More

Lunch at Sid's

From the day I met him, my friend Sid has constantly reminded me that he is the best Indian chef in Chapel Hill. For every event we’ve attended together that has served Indian food, we’ve had the following exchange: Me – (Stuffing my face) “Holy crap. This is the best (insert Indian dish) I’ve ever had.” Sid – (Tastes calmly, pauses, deadpans) “Mine is better.” After a few missed invitations over the past months due to busy schedules, my wife Kelly and I finally made it over to his apartment for lunch this weekend… …and quickly found his boasting to be quite warranted. He and his roommate Sen prepared a gut-busting spread of traditional Indian foods – rice, tandoori chicken, Read More

Big Weekend at Kenan-Flagler

Posted by Eric. Its a good weekend to be an MBA student in Chapel Hill. First of all – it is 76 degrees, the sky is perfectly blue, and the air smells like Spring. SVCIC is happening right now. (I’m writing this during my downtime while volunteering.) SVCIC is the sustainability-focused spin-off of VCIC – the incredibly popular venture capital investment competition that began at Kenan-Flagler 10 years ago. There are teams from 8 leading business schools (including Kenan-Flagler) and an interesting mix of entrepreneurs and sustainability-focused VCs in town for the competition. Right after SVCIC, I’m going to Asia Night – a food and culture festival put on by my classmates from India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and Korea. Read More

VCIC Victory

Posted by Eric. UNC Kenan-Flagler won the Southeast Region of the Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) this weekend at UVA’s Darden School of Business. Our win puts us in the international finals April 17-19 on our home turf at UNC Kenan-Flagler. I’ve done several case competitions and VCIC has been my favorite by far, both because the event is so intensely realistic and because I love my team: Charlie – former consultant, jack-of-all-trades. Kate – life sciences expert, same last name as Uncle Jesse from Full House. Jason – medical device guy, pitch artist, cellist. John – raised VC as an entrepreneur, way smarter than the rest of us. Me – tech wienie, trying not to mess it all up. Read More