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Edward Lammas

edward lammasIt’s a tough decision for many to exchange a professional career for the classroom. Having gotten past this initial hurdle, I decided that leaving the country (my native Britain) would be a comparatively minor issue.

My job in London was a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, which in simplistic terms is a construction consultant who manages: cost; value; legal issues and risk. Wanting to manage the business (still in real estate) rather than the projects, b-school was a must. Having decided on a 2 year MBA program, America was pretty much a must too!

In late November 2011, I embarked on a 7 day East Coast road trip visiting 5 carefully selected top b-schools. Although published rankings played a part in my pre-qualification of schools, I was advised that any top school would give me a great education and that I should focus on ‘best personal fit’. When I experienced the genuine collaborative culture, along with the exceptional teaching, students and facilities, I instantly understood the advice I had been given. I was meant to be here. As such, UNC Kenan-Flagler was the only b-school to which I applied.

Having been here for only 3 weeks, Chapel Hill already feels like home (plus I’m fairly sure I now bleed Carolina Blue). Over my next 2 years I look forward to sharing with you the exciting life of a student in this truly unique community.