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The Importance of Hands-On Learning in Business School

Returning to a full-time MBA program provides you with the opportunity to learn new skills and jump right in to a new career. But to make the most successful transition into that new career, you’ll need opportunities to practice the skills you learn in the classroom. Solid experiential learning is an imperative component of an MBA education. At UNC Kenan-Flagler, the number of real-life, hands-on learning outlets is extensive. Depending on your intended goal after graduation, you can select from an assortment of opportunities that match your interests, all of which develop your leadership potential and general business acumen. Let’s say, for example, you are interested in … Finance UNC Kenan-Flagler has a state-of-the-art Capital Markets Lab (CML). Students at Read More

7 Questions to Ask of Your MBA Career Management Center

It’s safe to say that you likely want to go back to school to either change or improve your career trajectory. When choosing a school, you will want to investigate the format and success of each school’s Career Management Center to determine the likelihood of your own career success and satisfaction. When examining programs, be sure to conduct some independent research of each school’s Career Management Center format and approach to helping you in your career. Make sure you feel confident that your target school’s method and resources fit with your intended goals. UNC Kenan-Flagler’s Career Management Center (CMC) is exceptionally unique in several ways. CMC Director Amy Wittmayer outlined seven factors that set UNC Kenan-Flagler apart as a leader Read More

How Business School Makes You a Better Leader

If you want to be successful after graduating from a full-time MBA program, you will need to be a strong leader. All top-20 MBA programs are known for providing students with the academic and technical skills they need to succeed in the real world after they graduate, and this is important. In order to effectively use those skills, though, you need to be adequately prepared to exercise them. This is where a foundational leadership education comes in. Faculty and executives at UNC Kenan-Flagler recognized that producing high-caliber students was only possible if they helped those students develop their leadership skills. For more than 10 years now, the Leadership Development Program at UNC Kenan-Flagler has existed to develop strong, principled leaders. Read More

How to Decide Which Full-Time MBA Program Is Right for Me

It is highly commendable to make the decision to return to school full time to get an MBA. It can be confusing, though, trying to determine which programs you want to apply to and which one you want to subsequently enroll in. Rankings can be a great place to start, as they have done a lot of the narrowing down for you. It’s safe to say you will get a phenomenal business education from any of the top-20 programs. It is up to you to take that list and delve in more deeply to examine the qualitative aspects of those programs that best align with your goals. Location From small towns to large cities, the top-20 MBA programs vary in Read More

How Do I Finance My MBA?

So you’ve thought about an MBA and decided it is probably a smart decision for your career. While it is fun and exciting to think about your future in a top MBA program and your post-graduation job prospects, it’s hard to overlook the looming uncertainty of how you are going to finance your MBA. Going to school full time for two years and forfeiting income during that time can be a significant financial burden. The cost of full-time programs can exceed $50,000 to $60,000 per year for two years, and, coupled with the cost of living expenses, that makes it imperative to plan ahead. The good news is that thousands of people in your position return to school every year Read More

Using an MBA to Switch Careers: You’re Not Alone

Many MBA applicants believe that they are the only, or the most extreme, case of “career switcher.”  Rest assured, you are not alone. It is overwhelming to abandon the professional path you’ve been on for several years in favor of a slightly or completely different one. You may be worried that your past experience will not translate to your destination. You may think that exposing yourself as a career switcher is a risky move, showing weakness or lack of commitment in some way. Admissions committees are used to career switchers Take solace in knowing, however, that most admissions committees are accustomed to and often welcome career switchers. In fact, some career management centers would say that a majority of their Read More

When is the Right Time for Me to Get an MBA?

Right now, there’s a good chance you’re at your desk at work reading this. Perhaps you’ve had this recurring idea that you’re not in the place you want to be career-wise and that you need to do something to fix your situation. You’ve explored your options and see an MBA as a smooth segue into a new career. You have seen it work for family, friends and acquaintances who chose that path, but what if it doesn’t work for you? How are you supposed to know when it’s the right time to quit your job and get an MBA? Like most things, there isn’t a cookie-cutter answer that can be applied to everyone. However, there are a number of things Read More

The Intangible Benefits of an MBA

Let’s face it: At some point in your career you have probably experienced some sense of dissatisfaction or discontentment. Maybe you feel like you aren’t exercising your skill sets to the highest degree, or you feel out of place in your current role, or you’re simply uninspired by the work you do day in and day out. Perhaps you have felt this way and continued to drudge along, recognizing that it’s a common crisis point in everyone’s career and has no bearing on whether or not you’re doing what you’re “supposed” to be doing. You may have pondered the reasons for this unhappiness. When you’re ready to change your career trajectory, consider an MBA. An MBA is a phenomenal way Read More

UNC Business School Summer Prep, So Far

This week’s guest blogger, Amanda Edwards, is an incoming first-year student in the class of 2015.  She worked simultaneously as a Consultant and Communications Associate before coming to business school. Excel is my new best friend. I’m only half joking. In addition to the helpful accounting and statistics classes, ASW I offers other workshops in subject areas such as Microsoft Excel and public speaking. As someone with little financial and quantitative background, the Excel workshop has proved enormously helpful in quickly computing calculations and organizing data. I’m already using some of the knowledge for my personal budget (which needs a lot of attention now that I’m a student again)! What’s more, learning the program will be essential when starting “real” Read More

Learning The Ropes: UNC Kenan-Flagler Leadership Immersion

This post was written by current second-year student, Todd Cobb.  Todd is participating in the UNC Kenan-Flagler Leadership Immersion for the final seven weeks of his MBA career and wrote this upon returning from Outward Bound; a staple in the Leadership Immersion every year. Outward Bound was an amazing and challenging way to start my last Mod of business school at UNC Kenan-Flagler. After spending two years with PowerPoints, spreadsheets, networking events, and case studies, the sense of mental clarity and personal awareness I found spending a week with my peers without those daily distractions in nature was powerful. I got to test my own limits mentally, physically, and emotionally, but best of all, I developed a deep bond of Read More