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The Importance of Perspective (and Study Breaks)

February 5, 2010 By Alicia Conway

Two weeks over winter break with four niecephews under the age of eight really helped me remember the most important lesson of business school – perspective.  It’s hard not to take a moment to check yourself when a six-year-old asks you if you’re a teenager because otherwise “why are you still in school?” and then follows up with “business is easy.”

 Without some perspective, it would be difficult to be surrounded by classmates who have back-to-back interviews lined up and several offers on the table (don’t get me wrong – power to them, and I am proud).  I am not searching on campus much at all for internships.  As someone who sent out six cover letters in the past 21 hours, let me clarify:  I am searching.  But, I’m constantly searching for perspective, too … because I think taking a break is just as important as taking an exam. 

And so, this is why …

… the $5 cover at The Cave is worth it, even if the band isn’t always

… an ice cream run at 10pm on a Tuesday in 18-degree weather is cool (ok, freezing)

Legacy Cup events like trivia night and dodgeball rule

… losing to undergrads in intramural Wallyball is off the hook

… I’m multitasking on a plane to Tahoe to join three friends on the slopes 

… the Oreo milkshakes at Sutton’s are well-worth the midday lunch-craze wait

… babysitting for a classmate’s son was the highlight of last week

… I think you should join me at Cat’s Cradle at least four times this spring (State Radio, The Big Pink, the XX and Kaki King).

I’m sure it’s been said on this blog before, but it’s absolutely worth repeating:  the internship search – and heck, the overall experience – is not just about what you learn in the classroom.  The network of fellow Wallyball, milkshake and music lovers is powerful.  After all, remember how many offers they had on the table? ;)