MAC Journey

MAC Students Learn by Simulation

September 19, 2011 By Nick Alexander

We’re not training to become pilots, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn by simulation. Today in our Leadership, Ethics, and Professionalism course, MAC students were placed into the shoes of a newly promoted staff accountant and forced to make decisions to address realistic work issues.  We worked individually for an hour before breaking off into groups of five to discuss what we would do in these delicate situations. The simulation highlighted the importance of managing relationships, since our decisions were weighed against the the wants and needs of managers, clients, and team members. Each student offered a slightly different answer of how best to deal with the issues in the simulation.  The result was five different ways of addressing the same exact issue. There wasn’t always a clear right answer.

The simulation was both creative and engaging, but the real takeaway was  the importance of critical thought and exercising good judgment on the job.  Accounting isn’t only about debits and credits, after all!