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Monthly Archives: September 2011

MAC Students Learn by Simulation

We’re not training to become pilots, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn by simulation. Today in our Leadership, Ethics, and Professionalism course, MAC students were placed into the shoes of a newly promoted staff accountant and forced to make decisions to address realistic work issues.  We worked individually for an hour before breaking off into groups of five to discuss what we would do in these delicate situations. The simulation highlighted the importance of managing relationships, since our decisions were weighed against the the wants and needs of managers, clients, and team members. Each student offered a slightly different answer of how best to deal with the issues in the simulation.  The result was five different ways of addressing Read More

The Recruiting Process Made Easy

I cannot believe it’s already September. As Nick alluded to below, these past few months in the MAC program have really flown by. It seems like only yesterday that we (class of 2012) sat in Koury Auditorium for orientation. Now we face midterms, final projects and… [gasp!]… job interviews. Luckily, the MAC program makes this process incredibly easy for students. In the program, the recruiting season officially kicks off in the summer. During these months, on a pre-designated day, accounting firms visit the campus, present information about their firms and mingle with students. From individual presentations, students can learn the history of the firm and what clients the firm typically serves. Next up are the informal “meet and greets” that Read More

Great Planet Money podcast on corporate fraud

Since I live Greensboro, I spend A LOT of time on the highway commuting to and from school everyday. Thank goodness for podcasts because they help keep my roadrage to a minimum! My friend, Emmie Aghapour, brought this Planet Money special to my attention earlier this week because of it’s incredible relevance to two of our current classes: FR B and Audit. NPR’s Planet Money interviews Sam Antar, former CFO of the Crazy Eddie electronics chain. He talks about committing massive fraud – skimming cash to reduce sales tax and then later using that cash to ensure the firm met the Street’s EPS targets. It’s pretty fascinating stuff coming from the felon himself! You can download “Inside the Mind of Read More