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Dini Pickering Shares Lessons Learned from Biltmore’s Family Office

Hudson Shelby, MBA 2012, writes about Diana “Dini” Pickering’s visit to the Family Enterprise class last week.  “Family meetings represent a reliable forum for the education of family members—particularly those not active in the management of the business—about the state of the business, its financial performance, its strategy and the competitive dynamics it faces.  Family meetings also offer a safe haven in which to teach family members about the various rights and responsibilities that accompany being a business owner and manager.”  – Family Business, Ernesto Poza No one knows this to be more true than Diana “Dini” Cecil Pickering, Family Office President of the Biltmore company.  As the leadership of Biltmore transitioned to its sixth generation, Dini took it upon herself Read More

Kenan-Flagler’s IMPACT Newsletter Features Penido Visit and Advice

 A link to yesterday’s great post by IMPACT At UNC Kenan-Flagler, the Family Enterprise Center (FEC) specializes in preparing next generation business leaders for success in their own family enterprises. Founded in 2008, the FEC builds upon an innovative family business course first offered in 2005 by co-founder Steve Miller. “People involved in a family business often share a passion, a commitment to a common purpose and a…read more

Kenan-Flagler’s Biersach featured in FIND MBA article: MBAs and the Family Business

From the Boardroom to the Dinner Table How business school can help students meet the unique challenges of family enterprises reprinted excerpts By M. Filtz, Mar 21, 2012 When Ben Grossman received his MBA from Columbia Business School in 2006, he faced a tough decision: he could either take a lucrative full-time job at Goldman-Sachs or go work for his family’s business. He opted for the latter. “I was most passionate about going to work with my family – working with my brother and my dad,” says Grossman, now the co-president of Grossman Marketing Group, which was founded by his great-grandfather in 1910. Grossman is not alone. Recent studies have shown that family businesses may account for at least a Read More

Join FEC and Richard Boyatzis, Resonant Leadership: Inspiring Yourself and Others through Emotional Intelligence

Join the Family Enterprise Center as we welcome Richard Boyatzis, Resonant Leadership author on Wednesday April 4, 2012 as discusses Resonant Leadership:  Inspiring Yourself and Others Through Emotional Intelligence.  To register click here or at fec@unc.edu Richard Boyatzis, the author of Primal Leadership, H.R. Horvitz Professor of Family Business & Professor, Organizational Behavior at Case Western Reserve University, is a world- renowned leadership expert and author of many books including the recent Resonant Leadership.  Dr. Boyatzis’ research and writings assist leaders aspiring to better understand their own emotional, social and cognitive intelligence and the relationship between these abilities and performance. Dr Boyatzis is the DM advisor for Steve Miller, co-Founder of the Family Enterprise Center and Adjunct Professor here at Read More

Thiago Penido of Serveng Group Encourages Family Business Students: You CAN Follow Your Passion & Lead Your Companies

Katie Wood, BSBA 2012, writes about Thiago Penido’s visit to the Family Enterprise class last week.  Upon graduating from Kenan Flagler in 2009, Thiago Penido faced the reality of rejoining his family’s business, Serveng Group.  From a young age, Thiago’s father instilled in him that joining the family business was his only option.  However, over the years, his commitment and passion for the business has grown immensely.  Thiago has realized that accomplishing his personal dreams is just as important as helping to fulfill the dreams of others.  Thiago’s grandfather started Serveng Group in 1954 in Brazil.  Working as a low paid construction worker, he climbed the ranks and ultimately purchased the business.  Through his autocratic personality, strong demeanor and hands on approach, Read More