An EMBA Takes A Four-City Tour of Latin America

March 27, 2014 By Lee Lowder

I recently finished a four-city tour of Latin America, most of which was for Kenan-Flagler’s OneMBA Latin American residency.  It started with Bogotá, Columbia, where I met with a thriving medical device distributor, and saw how Bogotá has taken great strides in removing the stains of its drug cartel past. The trip then moved to Rio de Janeiro where I spent some time with Copacabana Beach and taking in awe-inspiring views from Sugarloaf Mountain (a small price to pay for being gone for two weeks).  I then spent three days in San Paulo, Brazil with over 100 MBA students from around the world.  We heard lectures from local businesses and government leaders, as well as from academics. One such lecturer Read More

Tips & tools for sharpening your quantitative skill set

February 5, 2014 By Jenny Hammond

Are you interested in pursuing an MBA but hesitant to take the GMAT or wondering whether your quantitative skills are sharp enough to succeed in an executive MBA (EMBA) program? If you’re an engineer or scientist, you can probably solve quantitative problems in your sleep. You may find you breeze through statistics, finance and microeconomic problems as an executive MBA (EMBA) student. But UNC Kenan-Flagler operations professor Alan Neebe says he’s seen more than one math whiz befuddled in General Management and Strategy classes where a management problem may have five good solutions. Those students often squirm when the professor asks them to pick a solution and explain why they chose it, he says. On the other hand, Neebe has Read More

Gaining A Sense of Growth As A Person

December 13, 2013 By Lee Lowder

I began to feel it about six months into my EMBA, that sense you get when you are changing as a person.  Not a change in personality or dramatic shift in abilities, but growth in who you are as a person.  This type of growth often results from going through a sustained challenge.  And going through the crucible of an EMBA program at a school like Kenan-Flagler or another top business school that prides itself on a rigorous program provides you with such a challenge. If you’re considering an EMBA, there are easy options for you, options that will be less grueling and challenging.  Those easier options may give you three letters behind your name, but at the expense of Read More

5 Facts: UNC Kenan-Flagler Executive Weekend MBA program

November 25, 2013 By Jenny Hammond

1) Our programs are world class. U.S. News & World Report ranked the UNC Kenan-Flagler EMBA Program No.9; Bloomberg Businessweek ranked UNC No. 12 among EMBA programs worldwide – No. 10 in the United States – and gave A grades in teaching, curriculum and support. 2) Earn while you learn. The UNC Kenan-Flagler Weekend EMBA Program offers students the flexibility to work while earning their degree and requires the least missed work days (33) of any Top 15 business school. 3) There’s something for everyone. An Executive Weekend MBA can benefit many professionals, including doctors, engineers, IT professionals, accountants and military transitioning into the civilian workforce. 4) You may qualify for a GMAT waiver. Applicants with terminal or masters’ degrees in quantitative fields and applicants with Read More

The business of medicine: Why MDs should consider MBAs

October 1, 2013 By Jenny Hammond

A growing number of doctors are turning to executive MBA (EMBA) programs to learn and understand the business of health care and strengthen their leadership skills – valuable knowledge and assets to have while navigating the turbulent changes affecting health care. In today’s blog, Scott Hultman (MD, EMBA ’08) reflects on his EMBA experience at UNC Kenan-Flagler and how he applied knowledge learned in the classroom to make his business plan a reality. The UNC Kenan-Flagler EMBA program was the greatest educational experience I’ve ever had. I entered the program hoping to learn more about the business of medicine, but I finished the program as a much better doctor. I immediately applied what I was learning in class and successfully pursued several Read More

Characteristics of an Effective Team

August 2, 2013 By Jenny Hammond

McKagen and Matt Sorum of Guns N’ Roses; Dave Kushner of Danzig; and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots formed the hard rock, supergroup Velvet Revolver. With such talent, fan expectations were very high. The band’s debut album, “Contraband,” did well enough commercially, selling four million copies. Yet, hardcore Guns N’ Roses, Danzig and Stone Temple Pilots fans were left feeling high and dry. Something was amiss, they said, some indescribable quality common to all great bands: Velvet Revolver had no chemistry. Whether it’s a band, a sports franchise or a Fortune 500 company, chemistry is what makes teams great. Much of modern business thinking is centered on understanding what makes great teams tick. More often than not, effective teams Read More

Turning Another Corner In The Journey Toward An MBA

July 26, 2013 By Lee Lowder

We just finished our June classes in Chapel Hill, and with the OneMBA class of 2013 graduating a couple of weekends ago, we’re now the “senior” class of the Kenan-Flagler OneMBA program.  A milestone that we quickly grab onto as a reminder that we’ve turned another corner in this journey.  While in Chapel Hill this weekend, I thought about the value of being together in-person with my colleagues in a class room environment.  This wouldn’t be true necessarily at the high school level or even the college level as much, but at the graduate level I believe that in-person collaboration and study significantly enhances the learning process, mostly because your fellow classmates are made up of seasoned professionals and experienced Read More

The Importance Of Self-Awareness

July 1, 2013 By Lee Lowder

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ― C.G. Jung Most MBA programs promote themselves as helping you become a leader.  Phrases such as “Building tomorrow’s leaders” or “Global leadership for today” or other such tag lines are meant to convey the message that our program is about building leaders.  My school, Kenan-Flagler Business School, has a similar tag line, Shaping Leaders & Driving Results.®  How do you measure such claims though? When evaluating business schools, how do you know if the program will indeed shape you into a leader?  Certainly increasing your knowledge base, enhancing your network of business professionals, and adding comma MBA Read More

Synergy Dependent

June 24, 2013 By Jenny Hammond

When universities and the private sector work together, new ideas fuel economic growth. Joseph DeSimone brings a certain chemistry to the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, where he was named director in July 2012. Frank Hawkins Kenan, the late visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist who created the Kenan institute in 1985, advocated for building bridges between the private sector, government and the university. Four Kenan Institutes bear his name: for private enterprise at UNC; for engineering, technology and science at N.C. State; for ethics at Duke; and for the arts at the N.C. School for the Arts. “That’s an amazing amalgam the Kenan family has fostered,” DeSimone said. “My vision for the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise is to Read More

Getting Wordy on the GMAT: Rarely Pure and Never Simple

June 17, 2013 By Jenny Hammond

Oscar Wilde said, “The truth is rarely pure and never simple,” and something similar could be said for words on the GMAT.  I think most would agree that the GMAT Verbal section is anything but simple.  Admittedly, recondite vocabulary is not necessarily the issue.  Indeed, in the comparison of GRE vs GMAT, the former, the test of poets and literary critics, is far more a verbal adventure than is the comparatively practical and staid GMAT.  While GRE vocabulary lists litter the web, “GMAT vocabulary” is scarcely worth discussing.  You should know your basic Economic 101 vocab, but beyond that, you need not worry about advanced vocabulary on the GMAT. The challenge of the GMAT verbal section lies in grammar and in Read More