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Battle of the Brands Heats Up

In the aisles of grocery stores, battles are raging for shelf-space. Private labels, also known as store brands, are battling national brands to win the war of market share. Marketing professor Katrijn Gielens covers their battles like an imbedded journalist in a war zone, documenting the outcome of their strategic campaigns.   Over recent years, Gielens has watched retailers become more powerful than manufacturers in consumer packaged goods. Regardless of how much manufacturers spend on efforts to increase their brand power, retailers stand between them and consumers since they control shelf space. Retailers want to increase their own category margins, which they can do by pushing private labels.   “The competition between private labels and national brands is heating up,” Read More

How to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing

The best way to reach customers? Personal referrals. So Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing – and get ready to meet new people. By Margot Carmichael Lester There’s a lot of buzz about using social media to reach customers and prospects — and almost as much confusion about how to do it. New research by J. Andrew Petersen, assistant professor of marketing and assistant director for the Center for Integrated Marketing and Sales, indicates that B2C companies can get the most benefit by using social channels to drive referrals. “Word-of-mouth and referral marketing are extremely interesting topics to most B2C firms right now, given the rise of social networking among consumers,” Petersen said. “I think the appeal is how fast Read More

Alum helps lead Time Inc. through tumultuous media marketing

As consumers continue to turn to the Web for news and entertainment, drawing advertisers in their wake, print media is faced with a challenge: find relevance or risk failure. Lee Anne Baer (MBA ’87), executive director of consumer research and insights for Time Inc.’s lifestyle network of magazines, has been at the center of the marketing storm, which she describes as “turning the media world on its head.” But she’s working to set it right again — and she started by talking to readers. “I am supposed to represent the consumers,” she said. “How do they feel about a brand? How will they respond to content? The brands want my opinion about how consumers feel, but they don’t necessarily just Read More

Are you seeing your brand from every angle?

This is an excerpt from the Spring 2011 issue of UNC Business Magazine. Test Your Vision Today, marketing is happening in person, online, around the world and around the clock — so your brand has more dimensions than ever. That creates challenges, but it also means new opportunities are popping out at you all the time. Are you facing marketing problems or possibilities? It’s all in how you see it. By Nancy E. Oates These days, the fierce competition among sports teams has spread to the fans. In the span of a generation, ESPN went from being the only sports network in the country to fending off an onslaught of media outlets. Not only does every major network vie for Read More