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Profile tips from LinkedIn’s John Hill

October 4, 2013 By kfblogadmin1

20130910_LinkedIn_John_Hill_076_CropLinkedIn’s higher education evangelist John Hill visited UNC Kenan-Flagler to help students, faculty, staff and alumni learn how to effectively use LinkedIn’s powerful networking tools. Here are his tips for creating an effective profile.

Profiles should not be a duplicate of your resume. Instead, ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile complement each other.

  • Use the “summary” field to let employers know what makes you tick.
  • Use the “interests” section to share your passions and interests outside of work. This gives prospective employers a glimpse into your personality through information that’s not on your resume.

Every word of your LinkedIn profile is searchable; use this to your advantage.

Showcase your portfolio. LinkedIn allows you to upload rich media such as presentations, video and photos to your profile.

Get connected to people who have recently viewed your profile. If you’re in the job market, profile views show that employers are interested.